Meet The Artist…

My paintings are contemporary and colourful and inspired by the places I visit and the landscapes where I’ve lived. I try to capture the moment, the feeling of the place and the memories they have created.

My painting style developed when studying for my BA (Hons) and Master’s degree in Fine Art. Using a variety of media, working methods and supports, I strive to create beautiful, vibrant and dynamic images from a truly original perspective.

I’m best known for creating original paintings filled with bright vibrant colour. As a colourist my love of dramatic and contrasting hues finds vivid expression in my paintings, using acrylics, oils and other media  and a combination of techniques I create:

  • Stunning dramatic cityscapes full of energy and bustling life
  • Exciting land and seascapes inspired by places I love and have visited
  • Vibrant botanicals that provide bursts of colour on even the dullest day
  • Amazing abstracts that will entertain and surprise

In your home or office my paintings offer  you an opportunity to surround yourself with imagery that will give you pleasure and stir an emotion or memory each time you view them. I want the viewer to visually engage with my art. I hope I encourage you to see and explore subjects in a new light as well as appreciating their beauty.

I love my job, I’m privileged  to paint every day and have people like my work and want to own one of my paintings. I am excited by the feel of a brush, the quality of a canvas, the vivid pool of untouched paint straight from the tube, the texture of the mark I make, the smell of the studio and my next painting journey.

“You are so talented! Every time I see your work I see such great composition, balance and your colour selections are so pleasing, it evokes wonderful emotions.”

Debra Foye. New York USA.