6th August 2018

New Experience for Me

Trout n About on Stockbridge High Street was a new experience for me this year . Over 140 stalls in this market town lined alongside both sides of the busy A30 (which was kept open!) show casing local food, crafts and arts. The sunshine brought the crowds out and it was a very busy day talking to everyone about my work and some paintings  going off to new forever homes. I love my new sign  and logo. My feet weren’t very happy at the end of a long and hot day but it was well worth it and enjoyable. I shall look forward to next year.  
15th May 2018

Special Badge!

Himself was very proud to receive his special badge at the recent Bath Art Fair. Instead of being given a normal everyday run of the mill “Artists Assistant” badge, Alce Harfield the organiser (and also an artist who attends many art fairs) had made him his own special badge. Nicknamed by artist Carole Baker as my stand bitch some years ago when I started doing art fairs the name has stuck and its always joked about, himself getting his leg pulled a lot but he’s never been given a name badge made just for him. If you see us at any art fairs in future I’m sure he will still be wearing it!    
7th May 2018

Bath Here We Come

Another weekend so it must be another art fair. I must admit its not that bad . I only do 6-8 art fairs a year and I enjoy them immensely. Meeting you all to show you my work and talk about what I do and what inspires me is great. We are in at Bath Art Fair next weekend and details are on the ticket above. Why not come along and say hello? Himself often comes along to help!!! Here he is pretending to be a sculpture! I don’t think Micaelangelos’s David has too much to worry about!!